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What are the disadvantages of injection mold parts?
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The so-called disadvantages of injection mold parts refer to that the injection mold parts can not meet the its original design, use and other quality requirements in the process of injection molding. When describing shortcomings, a possible cause may be included.


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It may be a long process to find the cause of the disadvantages of injection mold parts, because it needs to consider the processing cycle of plastics, injection moulds and moulds. The following is the recommended guide:
A.Plastics: check the grade or type, check the impurities and confirm whether it is in conformity with the manufacturer's specifications.
B.Injection Molding Machine: Check all functions of the injection molding machine and consider any factors that may affect pressure, temperature, ratio and time.



C. Mould: Make sure that the mould is properly installed and at the right temperature, and that all parts are running smoothly.
D.Processing cycle: check whether pressure, temperature and time are set according to the recommendation of
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As for how to solve the disadvantages of injection mold parts, YIZE MOULD will explain it for you in the later period. Please follow us.

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