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About the precision injection molding
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Today let's take a look at the precision injection molding


Strictly speaking, precision injection moulding refers to a kind of injection moulding production mode that the dimensional accuracy of plastic products produced by injection moulding machine equipment can reach less than 0.01 mm, usually between 0.01 mm and 0.001 mm.


Precision plastic mold parts processing


The concept of "precision injection molding" is mainly different from "conventional injection moulding". With the rapid development of macromolecule materials and microelectronics technology, electronic circuits are highly integrated, which makes the parts of industrial equipment gradually develop into high performance, high precision, lightweight, miniaturization and miniaturization.


In this way, precision plastic mould parts have been widely used in mechanical, electronic, instrument, communication, automobile and aeronautical instrumentation industries because they meet the requirements of high precision and have good mechanical, mechanical and dimensional stability.

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