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Characteristics of ordinary grinding processing
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As we all know, grinding is a kind of finishing method which uses grinding wheel or grinding tool to cut workpiece. It can be divided into ordinary grinding processing, centerless grinding, efficient grinding, Low Roughness Grinding and abrasive belt grinding. Today Yize Mould will give you a brief analysis of the characteristics of ordinary grinding.


Characteristics of ordinary grinding processing


Firstly, the range of ordinary grinding is outer circle, inner circle, cone and plane. The grinding methods can be divided into longitudinal grinding method and transverse grinding method. Longitudinal grinding method has high processing accuracy, low Ra value and low productivity. It is widely used in various types of production, while horizontal grinding method has low processing accuracy, high Ra value and high productivity. It is only suitable for grinding the cylindrical surface and forming surface of shaft parts with good rigidity, low precision and short length in mass production.


It's machining methods can be divided into peri-grinding and end-grinding.


grinding processing in YIZE MOULD


Cylindrical grinding method: It has high processing accuracy and low Ra value of surface roughness, but its productivity is low. It is mostly used in small batch production of single piece and also in large batch production.


End grinding method: high productivity, but slightly worse than the perimeter grinding method, mostly used in mass production grinding accuracy requirements are not high plane.

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