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Code of conduct from connector mold parts manufacturer--YIZE MOULD
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At present, YIZE MOULD has rich experience in the manufacturing of round parts, connector mold parts and tungsten carbide mold parts. In order to standardize the work of employees and improve efficiency, Yize Mould lets all departments set rules of conduct suitable for various departments.


Here is a brief introduction to some of these codes of conduct:
Five major disciplines:
1.Strictly abide by delivery time
2.Daily reports must be completed
3.Calculate costs, never waste
4.Never seek personal gain by power in work
5.Never treat work negatively


Code of conduct in YIZE MOULD


Eight points for attention:
1.Updating daily shipping schedule
2.Emergency communication is clear
3.Progress tracking in place
4.Clear liaison with foreign associations
5.Accurate confirmation and reply of delivery time
6.Tidy up, orderly and rational
7.Never delay till the end of the day
8.Pay attention to grooming and maintain corporate image

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