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How to order core pins and sleeves
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Standard mold parts are supplied from stock, so can we just order them? The answer is No. Today, Yize Mould will tell you how to order core pins and sleeves.


In fact, before ordering core pins and sleeves, you need to consider many other issues, such as: Does this product have metric and British product sizes worldwide? Moreover, for one supplier, the standard may not be the case for another. Therefore, when you order core pins and sleeves, the most important thing is to communicate with the supplier on the following issues:
1. Global effectiveness
2. Quality stability and traceability
3. Parts Compatibility


How to order core pins and sleeves

4. Product Range, Multi-material Supply and Effectiveness of Special Parts
5.Core pins and sleeves technology support for Products
6. ISO authentication
7. The function of price and no extra charge


For all the above factors, you should take into account when you order core pins and sleeves.Ask your supplier if they can meet all the precautions mentioned above, or if they can give appropriate and professional answers to any of your questions, and provide relevant documentation in due course.

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