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How to customize core pins and sleeves
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Today, almost all manufacturers have abandoned the traditional processing, but to provide customers with specialized customized services. So, how to customize core pins and sleeves?let's analyze it together.


As far as we know, many products are inseparable from core pins and sleeves, the development advantages of core pins and sleeves are also reflected. Before we customize core pins and sleeves, we must first ensure the correctness of the drawings, and how to communicate them clearly to the manufacturer is particularly important.




Furthermore, when communicating with plastic core pins manufacturers, we should ensure the feasibility of the requirements and negotiate the price and delivery time reasonably.


YIZE MOULD has more than ten years experience in customizing mold parts. It has formed a comprehensive system for communication with customers, technical production, delivery management, quality control, etc.We can provide first-class service for customers.


If you have the need to customize customize core pins and sleeves, welcome to consult us.

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