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About the domestic injection mold parts
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With the change of market development, new rapid prototyping methods have been emerging in recent years. The manufacturing level of domestic injection mold parts is constantly improving and perfecting. Moreover, the use of high precision and high efficiency processing equipment is becoming more and more widespread.


At present, there are about 80,000 injection mold parts customization factories in China, with more than 2 million practitioners and 180 million RMB in the production of mould industry. This is not only the record created by the customized production of domestic injection mold parts, but also the value created by all branches of the injection mold parts manufacturing industry.


In order to achieve continuous increase in output, the more important thing is the quality and delivery date of products. A good product is the premise to push the brand to the world.




With the globalization of economy and technology, the die and mould industry should keep pace with the times, improve processing technology, strengthen management, and encourage people in the industry to create higher value. Domestic injection mold parts customization can get good development in the industry, which is inseparable from the promotion of domestic advanced science and technology.


Continually develop the specialized segments to master unique technical innovation.

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