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The function of grinding fluid
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In the process of grinding, a lot of grinding heat is produced. Under such high temperature, the material will be deformed and burned, the grinding wheel will be seriously worn, and the grinding quality will decline. Therefore, in general, grinding fluid is used in the process of grinding, in order to reduce the temperature of the grinding zone by a large number of grinding hot lines.


Function of grinding fluid:
1.Cooling effect
The heat conduction of grinding fluid can effectively improve the heat dissipation conditions, take away most of the grinding heat and reduce the grinding temperature.


2.Lubrication effect
The lubricating grinding fluid can penetrate into the contact surface between the abrasive particles and the workpiece, adhere to the metal surface, form a lubricating film, reduce the friction between the abrasive particles and the workpiece, thus prolonging the life of the grinding wheel and reducing the surface roughness of the workpiece.




3.Cleansing effect
Abrasive fluid can wash away debris and falling abrasive particles to avoid scratches on the ordinary grinding processing
surface of the workpiece.


4.Rust resistance

Add human soap and various antirust additives into grinding fluid to prevent rust and oxidation of workpieces and machine tools.


Therefore, the reasonable selection of grinding fluid is an important way to improve the surface quality of workpiece, reduce the consumption of grinding wheel, improve the productivity, ensure the machining accuracy and reduce the cost, which should be paid enough attention to.

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