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Yize Mould EDM Processing Method knowledge
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There are a variety of die processing methods, today, Yize mould for everyone to sum up a few points of EDM Processing Method knowledge.


EDM Processing Method mainly uses the phenomenon of electric corrosion between the tool and the workpiece to corrode the excess metal in order to achieve the size, shape and surface quality specified by the technical requirements of the parts.


First, EDM Processing Method must meet the following three conditions:
1. A certain gap must be maintained between the tool electrode and the machined surface of the workpiece, so there must be an automatic feeding and regulating device for the tool electrode in EDM;
2.Spark discharge must be instantaneous pulse discharge, for which pulse power supply must be used in EDM;
3.Spark discharge must be carried out in a liquid medium with certain insulating properties.


Yize Mould EDM Processing Method knowledge


At the same time, the precision of EDM is also affected by many factors, such as the error of machine tool itself, the precision of tool electrode manufacture, the size and consistency of discharge gap, etc.


Dongguan Yize mould is a professional mould part manufacturer, our precision of EDM machining mold: dimensional tolerance ±0.001mm, coaxality 0.002, true roundness 0.0015mm, surface roughness Ra0.025, straightness 300mm within 0.002. The main processing methods are: EDM Processing, CNC Processing, WEDM Processing, Grinding Processing, Profile Grinding Processing and so on.


Master the correct processing methods, can better processing, I hope the above can help you.

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