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Welcome SUNKEY - a paper products company to visit Yize Mould
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Recently, SUNKEY Mr. Zeng Mingcheng and his colleagues visited Yize Mould. SUNKEY is one of the large-scale bill customized printing enterprises in China, with 18 years of experience in the computer bill customized printing industry, while Yize mold is a professional mold accessories manufacturer, with more than 10 years of experience in precision mold accessories manufacturing, two industries, two cultures, blend with each other and learn from each other.


Welcome SUNKEY - a paper products company to visit Yize Mould

As a first-line brand recommendation manufacturer, SUNKEY Paper Printing Co., Ltd. is committed to providing one-stop customized printing service for first-line brand large enterprises. At present, it has ten imported rotary printing production lines and dozens of supporting equipment. Its main products include carbon free copy computer printing paper, computer form printing, machine printed single bill, paper printing, roll type cash register paper printing Brush, thermal roll printing, ATM roll printing, all kinds of factory delivery note, delivery list, etc.


precision mold parts manufacturer Yize

The corporate mission of precision mold parts manufacturer Yize and SUNKEY both includes "pursuing the material and spiritual happiness of all employees to achieve double harvest".

For more than ten years, Yize has been focusing on the manufacturing of precision mold parts. At the same time, we study and pursue excellent culture. We welcome all friends to visit Yize Mould and give advice, so as to learn from each other and grow up!

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