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Punch and die components processing, die heat treatment method
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Dongguan Yize Mold specializes in precision mold parts processing, precision plastic mold parts, punch and die components, connector mold parts, non-standard round parts, tungsten steel parts, etc.


Heat treatment is a basic process of mold processing, which focuses on the durability and precision of the mold. Yize focuses on the processing of punch and die components. Here are the common problems and solutions encountered in the heat treatment of die:


1. Method of over quenching?
Identify the material before quenching, observe whether the spark is suitable, and grasp the appropriate heating temperature and technological process;
Control the heating time in real time. If the parts burn too much, normalize and anneal them again, and then go through the heat treatment process again to save them.

2. Is there any spot on the surface of die steel?
Put the parts into the protection box and use dry protective agent for protection;
The temperature of the salt bath should be lower than 500 ℃;
Air cooling quenching is not suitable for high alloy steel; parts after quenching shall be cleaned in time.


3. How to deal with soft spots?
The fiber structure of the raw material contains carbide. If the distribution is not uniform and segregation will cause soft spot phenomenon, the first thing is to choose a reasonable material;
When heating, the surface of the workpiece has oxide skin and rust spots, which cause decarburization of the surface. Check carefully to remove the oxide skin and rust spots;
If the quenching medium is aged or there are too many impurities, it is necessary to clean and replace the cooling medium regularly and keep the cooling medium at all times;
The operation shall be carried out in accordance with the standard specifications.


4. What should we do if the mold cracks?
In case of improper material selection, attention should be paid to steel selection, management and careful selection;
Control the appropriate processing temperature and select a reasonable process for processing;
The stress should be removed before die quenching;
In the process of graded quenching, the die should be cooled by stages and cleaned only when it is put at room temperature.


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These are the problems and solutions that punch and die components manufacturer Yize Mould encountered in the heat treatment process. Yize company is a professional precision mold parts manufacturer. The earliest product is precision connector die parts manufacturing. In 2020, we hope to make progress in the whole set of precision die design, production and assembly.

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