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Introduction to the processing technology of metal punch and die parts
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Dongguan Yize mold is a manufacturer with more than ten years of mold parts processing experience, especially the customized processing of hardware punch and die parts.Next, Yize mould will give you a brief introduction.


The process quantity of metal punch and die parts is determined by the dimensional accuracy and material properties of the workpiece shape. At the same time, many factors, such as stamping equipment conditions, actual mold manufacturing capacity, production batch and process stability, should also be considered. In order to ensure the quality of punch and die components and improve production efficiency, the number of processes should be as small as possible.


When processing metal punch and die parts, the following problems may be encountered, and the solutions are as follows:


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1. When the section quality and dimension accuracy of the workpiece are required to be high, it can be considered to add the finishing process or directly use the precision blanking process after the blanking process.


2. The number of bending processes mainly depends on the complexity of its structure shape, which is determined by the number of bending angles, relative positions and bending directions. When the bending radius of the bending part is less than the allowable value, a shaping process will be added after bending.


3. The number of drawing process is related to material properties, drawing height, drawing steps, drawing diameter, material thickness and other conditions, which can be determined only by drawing process calculation. When the fillet radius of the drawing part is small or the dimensional accuracy is required to be high, a shaping process should be added after the drawing.


4. In order to improve the stability of stamping process, it is sometimes necessary to increase the number of processes to ensure the quality of stamping parts. For example, the additional positioning hole punching of bending parts, the increase of deformation in the forming process and the reduction of hole punching to transfer the deformation area, etc.


5.For stamping parts with simple shape, single process die is used. Due to the limitation of the structure or strength of the die, the internal and external contour of the workpiece with complex blanking shape should be divided into several parts, and multiple stamping processes should be adopted. If necessary, continuous die can be selected. For precision metal punch and die parts with high flatness requirements, a leveling process can be added after the blanking process.


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