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What is the function of mold inserts in plastic mold?
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I believe that people who have just come into contact with the mold industry will have such a question: why do we use inserts on the mold? What is the function of mold inserts in plastic mold?
We asked several colleagues of mold design about this problem, and their answers were generally: for convenience. More specific content, plastic mold inserts manufacturers Yize for you to come in detail.


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In fact, mold inserts are convenient in many aspects of plastic mold:


1. Easy to modify the mold. Molds are often modified according to customer's requirements. Inserts can be added in advance where the molds need to be modified. In the future, the inserts can only be replaced when the molds are changed, and even more spare parts of inserts can be made for replacement when the molds are opened.

2. Convenient exhaust. Die exhaust is very important. Insert can be added at the place where the die needs to exhaust, and the fit gap of the insert can be used for exhaust.

3. It is convenient for mold processing. As we all know, it is very difficult to process and polish the hole position, fill and exit the mold of plastic in some deep valley positions of injection mold, but to set up inserts in these places can reduce the processing difficulty.

4. Save mold materials. When the die is fixed, it is a piece of steel with regular shape. However, the material of the front and rear dies is determined by the highest point. Therefore, whether the front die or the rear die, if a certain place is relatively high compared with other places, the height of the die core can be reduced by making inserts, so that the die core does not need to be fixed so high, thus saving the die material Material.

5.Increase the service life of the mold. Generally, the place where the mold needs to design the inserts is often the place easy to be damaged. If the inserts are damaged, they can be replaced, so as to extend the service life of the mold.

It should be noted that if the front die is to be inlaid, it needs to be confirmed by the customer, because the inlay line will be generated.


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