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The Development of Mold Parts
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 With the development of mold parts, how to choose the high quality mold parts manufacturers? The general customers find mold parts, will be the first to find high quality mold parts manufacturers, even if the price is higher, yet the quality is guaranteed, so I would rather spend some money to do high-quality mold parts. Today we are going to yize mould to understand the development of mold parts-- yize mold, believe that you will fall in love with mold parts.
  Yize mold with the development of mold parts ,we have accumulated a wealth of professional experience in technology, marketing and service, affirmation and support of many customers have been evaluation at home and abroad, so the development of mold parts for yize. And mold parts we are using is the production equipment and processing technology of Japanese advanced, for the production of high-quality products, and products are mainly exported to Germany, Japan, Italy, USA, Israel, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries and regions. Special color mainly is that we can refer to the world brand standard production, processing, inspection according to the requirements of customers. And in accordance with the national standard GB, Japanese standard JIS, German standard DIN, AISI and so American Standard international industrial standard. Product: precision tolerance of ± 0.001mm, coaxial, roundness within 0.002 0.0015mm, surface roughness Ra0.025, linearity of the 300mm is within 0.002.
  Read the above content, you fall in love with yize, yes or no? Donot hesitate to choose the high-quality mold parts manufacture, to know the development of mold parts,to choose yize mould.



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