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The philosophy of YIZE MOULD
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As a professional precision mold parts manufacturer with more than ten years of development, YIZE MOULD has been committed to comprehensive development. Therefore, in May 18th, that is, yesterday, the chairman of YIZE--Sam Wang hold a training topic entitled "the philosophy of YIZE MOULD" for the management personnel of YIZE. The main contents are divided into the following four parts:


1.The philosophy of business. The operation philosophy of YIZE MOULD is to pursue the material and spiritual well-being of all employees.


2.The aptitude of a leader. The success of a company depends largely on its leaders.


The philosophy of YIZE MOULD


3.The advanced six essence. The six essence is to pay no less than anyone's effort; modesty and quitting arrogance;introspection every day; learn to thank when you are alive;to do good, to think altruistic;do not have emotional troubles.


4.The Talent training mechanism of YIZE MOULD. We can cultivate talents who can promote the development of company by understanding the philosophy, working hard and studying creativity,and can contributing to the development of society.


At present, YIZE has made great achievements under the leadership of Sam Wang and the joint efforts of all colleagues. We believe that YIZE will become better and better in the future.

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