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YIZE MOULD went to Japan to explore new markets
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At present, the mold industry has fallen into a depression. If enterprises want to survive, they must enhance their own strength and keep pace with the times.


Therefore, the Japanese Marketing Manager of Dongguan Yize Mould led a team to Japan for participating in the mold exhibition yesterday, aiming at learning advanced foreign production technology, introducing advanced production equipment, and opening up a larger overseas market.




This exhibition is an opportunity as well as a challenge. We hope that through this opportunity, we can attract more like-minded partners, establish long-term cooperation, and contribute to China's precision mold parts manufacturing industry.


2019 will be the year of innovation of Yize Mould. In addition to ensuring the quality and delivery date of the mold parts, we also need to constantly improve, learn and innovate. We hope that this exhibition in Japan will go smoothly.

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