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About the method of EDM
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In the manufacturing industry, EDM and high-speed milling are the key processesfor manufacturing mold parts. These two processes not only compete with each other,but also make up for each other. Today we will talk about the method of EDM.


The main method of EDM forming is to use the phenomenon of electrical corrosion when pulse spark discharges occur between the East and West and the workpiece (positive and negative electrodes) to remove excess metals, so as to achieve the required size, shape and surface quality of parts.


It is necessary to satisfy three conditions for the method of EDM.
1.It is necessary to make sure that there is a certain gap between the East and West electrodes and the machined surface of the workpiece. Therefore, it is necessary to have an active feeding and regulating device for the East and West electrodes in Electrical discharge machining.

2.Spark discharge is necessary to be instantaneous pulse discharge, so it is necessary to use pulse power supply in EDM.
3.Spark discharge is necessary in liquid medium with certain insulation function.


Above is the method of EDM, please follow YIZE MOULD if you want to know more details!

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