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About the characteristics of plastic mold spare parts
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Today let's take a look at the characteristics of plastic mold spare parts.


Generally speaking, the characteristics of plastic mold spare parts include the following three:
1.High temperature performance
When the working temperature of plastic die parts is higher, the hardness and strength will decrease, leading to early wear or plastic deformation of the die and failure. Therefore, the die material should have high temper resistance stability to ensure that the die has high hardness and strength at working temperature.


2. Cold and thermal fatigue resistance

Some moulds are in the state of repeated heating and cooling in the working process, which makes the surface of the cavity subject to tension and pressure variable stress, causes surface cracking and peeling, increases friction, hinders plastic deformation, reduces dimensional accuracy, and leads to die failure. Thermal and cold fatigue is one of the main failure modes of hot working dies, and the die should have high cold and thermal fatigue resistance.


3. Corrosion resistance
Some parts of plastic mould, such as
plastic mold spare parts, exist chlorine, fluorine and other elements in the plastic. After heating, they decompose and precipitate strong corrosive gases such as HCI and HF, which erode the surface of the mould cavity, increase its surface roughness and aggravate wear failure.


The above is about the characteristics of plastic mold spare parts, if you want to know more information, please follow YIZE MOULD!

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