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Brief Analysis About the Daily Work of CNC Technicians
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Nowadays, CNC processing technology has been widely used. There are many CNC technicians in mold parts processing factories, large and small. Today, we will briefly analyze the daily work of CNC technicians.


1.Participate in formulating, revising and guiding the implementation of relevant technical, technological and safety procedures and documents in CNC workshop.


2.Responsible for the daily inspection and rectification of the implementation of CNC process discipline;


3.Do a good job in collecting, recording and feedback information about operation technology of CNC machining center;


4.Specific guidance, treatment, coordination and solution of technical problems in CNC production, provide technical support for CNC work;



5.Participate in design review and process review activities of products in CNC process;


6.Participate in the evaluation of substandard products and quality accidents, and do a good job of sending and receiving technical documents and filing in strict accordance with the requirements of the company's quality management system;


7.Do a good job of technical training of operators, check the compliance of employees.


It can be clearly analyzed from the above that the work of CNC technicians is more complex, unlike the simple work of ordinary operators, and there is a group of excellent CNC technicians in YIZE MOULD. Our service and product quality in the industry has been widely recognized! If you need customized CNC processing services, please contact us!

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