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The 2nd full meeting of Yize Mould in 2019
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At 8 o'clock this morning, the 2nd full meeting of Yize Mould in 2019 arrived as scheduled. The meeting aims to show the following contents to all members:
2 goals:
① Aggregate company data and plan company goals
② Consensus company philosophy and implement it


3 targets:
① Operate transparently, report company data to all employees and set targets for next month
② Philosophical advocacy for all employees and consensus on company philosophy
③Recognize outstanding employees and express a warm welcome to regular colleagues


The 2nd full meeting of Yize Mould in 2019


In addition, two requirements were implemented throughout the meeting: First, the data must be true, and the report must be specific.Second, listen carefully to the company's presentation, and integrate with work and life.


The meeting was divided into four agendas:
1. November Performance Summary and December Plan
2. Recognition and regularization of new employees
3. Factory Summary in November
4. The general manager speech


In the current economic downturn, we hope everyone will pay attention to it and work together to get through it!

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