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The Development of Dongguan Auto Mold Parts
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   With the overall level of mold industry increasing, auto mold parts also follows up the rapid development of auto mold parts industry, the mold is more rapid development category, each car Hwan new need thousands of auto mold parts, auto mold parts manufacturers and mold enterprises in close collaboration with development, strategic alliances. Auto mold parts is an important vehicle equipped with local! The car company first assembly enterprises, technology practice true, more is the mass consumer products are parts enterprises, rely on molding parts enterprises. It also highlights the development of auto mold parts.

   As everyone knows, there are 85% mold parts in the car, and every vehicle needs 2000 extra moulds. According to yize mold expert estimates, this additional about 1100000 cars will need to nearly 10 billion output value of mould production, which is not included in the new model and the modified car demand. But it has communication, electronics, IT, home appliances, aerospace, aviation, instrumentation, machinery, building materials, chemical and other industries to mold parts manufacturing needs a large number of enterprises.
     Development of auto mold parts also contributed to the rapid development of mold industry.Dongguan yize mold is also growing up in such conditions, especially in the auto mold parts of connector mold parts outstanding, at the same time yize mold enterprise and university closely, in addition to the special study of mould technology, according to the need, timely delivery technician to the university trained technical personnel.


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