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The preparatory work of optical curve grinding machining
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    Optical curve grinding machine operator must have theoretical knowledge and practical training, and must have a work license.
    The preparatory work of optical curve grinding machining:
    The operator must know the machine's performance, machining range and accuracy according to the instructions of the machine. And be familiar with the function and operation method of the machine tool and the numerical control device and the computer.
    Check that all the switches and the knob and the position of the handle are correct.
    Start the electric control device for preheating.
    Start the machine to make it no-load operation, check the sensitivity of each switch and button and knob, and whether the lubrication system is normal.
    To be familiar with the mold parts processing procedures and programming origin.
    Adjust the sample figure, make the sample figure baseline and projector reference line coincide.
    Adjust the head down stroke, the upper and lower limit of the stroke is more than 10 mm of the workpiece.

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