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Introduction of precision tungsten parts processing production
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      How much do you know about the precision tungsten parts processing production?Let's have a look!
      Precision tungsten parts is mainly made of tungsten steel, and it is the steel containing tungsten steel, such as high-speed steel and some hot work die steel.There has a strict requirement on the hardness and heat resistance of steel for Steel containing tungsten , the hardness can reach HRB89 to 95, but its toughness will be a sharp decline.It commonly used in lathe tools, impact drill bit, glass knife head, tile cutter above, hard not afraid of fire, but crisp, rare metals.


      The above is the introduction of precision tungsten parts processing production.With the development of tungsten forming technology, more and more mold designers began to design the mold to favor materials as manufacturing precision tungsten steel, tungsten steel mold parts make people want to enter the precision mold parts industry. Manufacturing precision tungsten parts let YIZE strives for further improvement.

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