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Seven kinds of common thread milling tools
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      With the popularity of numerically-controlled machine tools, thread milling technology applied in mechanical manufacturing industry more and more.

      Currently, there are many different kinds of thread milling cutters are being use, consist of seven systems such as ordinary machine clamp thread milling cutter, ordinary integral thread milling tool , integral thread milling cutter with the chamfering function , thread milling cutter , spiral drill deep thread cutting tools and thread milling cutter, they have their own unique characteristics, application characteristics, tool structure, processing technology and so on various aspects , you can choose  yourself according to these characteristics.


      Thread milling is through the three axes linkage numerical control machine tool, use thread milling cutter for milling spiral interpolation and form thread, every time when cutting tool in horizontal plane do a circular motion, it will move a pitch in a straight line . Thread milling has many advantages such as high machining efficiency, high thread quality, good use of cutting tools and good processing safety.
      The above summarizes some characteristics and the functions of several common thread milling tools. When milling thread, cooling is also vital, we should recommend the use of machine tools and cutting tools with inner cooling functions. Due to cutting tool is at a high speed, under the action of centrifugal force, the external coolant fluid is not easy to come in.



      Internal cooling way not only can be a good tool for cooling, what is more important, it also helps chip remove smoothly from the blind hole thread machining in high pressure , especially when processing inside small diameter of thread hole need high pressure cooling, to ensure smooth chip remove smoothly.

      In addition, in selecting thread milling cutter, the requirement of specific mold components processing should be taken into consideration, such as the production batch number, screw hole, piece, materials, thread accuracy, size, and many other factors, comprehensive selection of the cutting tool.

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