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Requirements for mirror EDM
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EDM is widely used in precision cavity mold manufacturing. The so-called "mirror EDM" generally refers to electrical discharge machining with a surface roughness value of Ra < 0.2 um and a mirror surface reflection effect on the machined surface.


Requirements for mirror EDM


So what are the characteristics and requirements of mirror EDM?

1.Not all machining types can be processed by mirror EDM.
2.Not all mold steels can be mirrored EDM, and the higher hardness of the mold steel ,the better EDM mirror effect.
3.The electrodes used for mirror EDM must be finished and polished without knife marks and defects. Otherwise, these defects will be copied to the machined surface of the workpiece, but the surface of the electrode is not required to meet the mirror requirements.




4.Control well the machining allowance of mirror EDM.
5.Reasonable use of mirror processing discharge parameters and machining control.
6.Large area
process of EDM uses mixing powder technology to achieve mirror processing effect.


Mirror EDM can replace the manual polishing process for some precision machining and improve the quality of the parts. It has practical significance. YIZE MOULD specializes in the processing of all kinds of mold parts, and we have mature processing technology, which been supported by the majority of users at home and abroad!

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