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Precautions for CNC precision machining of mechanical parts
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The quality and precision of mechanical parts are our eternal pursuit. Today, Yize mold shares with you some precautions for CNC precision machining of mechanical parts, and works with you to learn and make progress together.


First of all, in the CNC precision machining, attention should be paid to the clamping method and the selection of clamps. In NC machining, the clamping method of the parts to be processed also needs to select the positioning benchmark and clamping scheme reasonably. When selecting the precise benchmark, the two principles of "unified benchmark" and "coincident benchmark" should be followed. In addition to these two principles, we should also consider:


a. Try to finish the machining of all surfaces in one-time positioning and clamping, so choose the positioning mode that is convenient for all surfaces to be machined.

b. When the workpiece is clamped at one time, all surfaces of the workpiece shall be processed.

c. When determining the position of the workpiece on the worktable, we should take into account the processing of each station, the influence of the length of the tool and the rigidity of the tool on the processing quality.

d. As far as possible, the fixture used in the control machining should be assembled by general components and adjustable to shorten the production preparation period.



Secondly, in CNC precision machining, pay attention to the arrangement of machining sequence. When arranging CNC machining sequence, the basic principles must be followed, including "face before hole", "rough before finish", etc. in addition to these basic principles, we should also follow the following principles:


a. According to the cutter centralized process processing, avoid the repeated use of the same cutter, reduce the number and time of tool change.
b. For the hole system with high requirement of coaxiality, the hole system at other coordinate positions shall be processed after the processing of the hole system is completed after one positioning, so as to eliminate the error caused by repeated positioning and improve the coaxiality of the hole system.
c. Select and determine the cutter point and tool change point, once determined, it is not suitable to replace.

The quality of our products can only be guaranteed by controlling every detail of processing. Yize mold has been committed to improving the process of turning, milling, plane, circle, grinding, spark discharge, wire cutting discharge, PG optics, etc., and can design and assemble a complete set of mechanical components and mold components according to customer needs, and purchase precision mold parts. Please give Yize mold a Opportunity, we will serve you wholeheartedly.


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