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YIZE - one of the top core insert suppliers
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    In 1970s, the scope of the application of plastic products from the daily necessities to the industrial sector, from machinery, construction to electronic and electrical appliances, instrumentation, aviation and other high-precision cutting-edge areas,and consumption increased year by year. In order to adapt to this trend, the mold industry has been developed, in 2005, one of the top core insert suppliers---YiZe was born.




    Dongguan Yize mould Co. Ltd is one of the mold manufacturers,connector mould accessories manufactaurers, as one of the top core insert supliers, Yi Ze specializing in the production of precision mold parts, precision plastic mould parts, metal stamping parts, connector mold parts and other products,and these can be used in many fields.It has accumulated rich professional experience in the mold parts technology, manufacturing, marketing and service,also has been a lot of affirmation and support in the domestic and foreign customer evaluation. 


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