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The requirementes of the precision automatic machine components proces...
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  Generally speaking,the precision automatic machine components processing is very strict, the processing procedure includes the feed, the knife and so on. There are specific requirements for the size and accuracy, such as 1mm is equal to the number of micron, if the size of the wrong too much will become a waste, at this time it is equivalent to re-processing,time-consuming, and sometimes even the whole processing materials will be scrapped, which resulted in the increase of cost, at the same time, the parts are certainly not used.Therefore,  the precision automatic machine components processing has the following requirements:

(1)In order to ensure the accuracy of precision parts processing,it is best to proceed separately for rough, fine mechanical parts processing,because it has large amount of cutting, the workpiece by the cutting force, clamping force and heat,meanwhile,the processing surface of mechanical parts has a more significant phenomenon of hardening work, and there is a large internal stress in the workpiece when it is in rough mechanical parts processing.If the rough and fine machining parts are continuously processed, the precision of the part after finishing is quickly lost due to the redistribution of the stress.
(2)Reasonable selection of equipment. Rough machining parts processing is mainly to cut off most of the processing margin, and it does not require a higher mechanical parts processing accuracy,so rough processing should be carried out on the machine whose power is high and accuracy is not too high,such as automatic machine,however,the precision machining requires machining with higher precision machine tool.
(3)Often arranged a heat treatment process in the precision parts processing technology route.The location of the heat treatment process is as follows: In order to improve the cutting performance of the metal,these such as annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering are carried out before machining the mechanical parts in the general arrangement

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