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The grinding processing factory in Dongguan--YIZE MOULD
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As we all know, grinding is a high-tech precision processing method that widely used.In order to let everyone find the  suitable grinding processing factory faster,today I will introduce YIZE MOULD to you.


Dongguan YIZE MOULD Co.,LTD is a professional grinding processing factory specializing in profile grinding of mold components, precision plastic mold components, metal stamping mold components, connector mold components, non-standard round parts, carbide components.


The grinding processing factory in Dongguan


We have two cylindrical grinders imported from Taiwan, grinding precision can be within 0.001mm.The longest part we could make is 1000mm and the largest can be diameter 150mm.


In recent years, with the increasing range of processing, grinding is also widely used in mass production, if you are also looking for a suitable grinding processing factory, YIZE MOULD would be a good choice for you,and we will provide you with the best quality products and services.

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