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Attention!YIZE MOULD will move to the new factory
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Since 2018, YIZE MOULD has been adhering to the business philosophy that we must use the best quality and deliverly time to win the trust of our customers, and we have also been moving towards this goal.Facts have proved that everyone's efforts and sweat will not be in vain,and we have ushered in breakthroughs again and again, bringing customers surprises again and again.


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Recently, the person in charge of the company signed a contract in the new factory area, officially realizing the plan of moving the factory, and the news spread in the company. All the employees are extremely excited, which means that the precision connector mold parts manufacturer--YIZE MOULD is expanding and moving towards better direction.



Without the support of all parties, YIZE may not have such a good development now. We would like to thank our customers for their support. We also thank the suppliers for their cooperation. Finally, we sincerely thank you all who work for the company.


The company will move to the new plant by the end of November.Please pay attention to it!

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