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Methods for solving the disadvantages of injection molding parts
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The appearance of the shortcomings of injection molding parts undoubtedly brings quality hazards to injection molding production. To solve these shortcomings, we can start from the following aspects:


Method for solving the disadvantages of injection molding parts


A. Determine the impact of the shortcoming: If the shortcoming makes the injection molding parts unusable or unsold, this shortcoming must be eliminated. If it is only a weak influence, it does not necessarily have to be completely eliminated.


B. Determining where the responsibilities are: This may be just an academic interest in research, but if the shortcomings reappear, the operators, plastics, injection molding parts, and processes need to be reviewed.


C. Take action to avoid disadvantages: Failure to take appropriate action can result in poorly precision injection molding parts and, as a result, devastating effects on the profitability of the project.


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D. Take steps to prevent the shortcomings from reappearing: Record all the  conditions for confirming the elimination of the defects. Indicate the repair or modification of the mold or injection molding machine, as well as the type of plastic and the quality of the grade. If recycled materials are used, the quality of the proportions used must be indicated.


Perhaps these steps to deal with the shortcomings are superfluous, but unless you take all the methods into consideration, there is no perfect way to find faults.Although defective products can be recycled, it is not economical to manufacture defective products.

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