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Explanation of Injection Molding Knowledge
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Injection moulding, also known as injection moulding, is a method of both injection and moulding.The following is an explanation of injection molding knowledge.


The advantages of injection moulding method are fast production speed, high efficiency, automation of operation, variety of designs, simplicity of shapes, size of products, accuracy of product size, easy updating of products, and forming of complex parts. As for the application of injection molding,it is suitable for mass production and moulding of complex products.


Injection molding knowledge includes injection process and parameters. Today we will take a general look at what needs attention in the injection process.


Explanation of Injection Molding Knowledge


1.Temperature control
a.Barrel temperature

b.Nozzle temperature

c.Mold temperature


2. Pressure control

a.Plasticizing pressure

b.Injection pressure


3. Forming cycle


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