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The programming of CNC machining technology
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As a top CNC processing factory, YIZE MOULD will analyze the the programming of CNC machining technology for you today.


Generally speaking, the sequence of CNC machining technology should satisfy the following rules:
1.Face before hole, milling before drilling
2.Processing the inner cavity first and then the outline
3.According to the sequence of the working procedure, the diameter of the cutter varies from large to small
4.The processing of the upper process can not affect the clamping and positioning of the next process




5.With the same tooling and fixture should be arranged together to complete, reduce the repetition of clamping and positioning.
6.CNC numerical control process should be centralized
7.Don't put the process of weakening the rigidity of parts in the first place.


In addition, a good should CNC processing plan consider the following aspects: whether it can meet the technical requirements of parts, whether it can improve the efficiency of CNC machining technology, low processing costs, and good quality control.

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