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Communication meeting for new employees of Yize mould
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At the end of May, the communication meeting of new employees of Yize mould was held in the training room of the company, which was organized by the manager of human resources department. The purpose of this activity is to let new employees better understand the company's situation and corporate culture, and grow and develop together with employees.

The activity flow is as follows:
1. Participants introduce themselves to each other
2. Employees interact and ask questions, and speak freely around the following contents:
   2.1 suggestions for tutors' guidance;
   2.2 whether the work arrangement, work responsibilities, work process and relevant requirements are clear;
   2.3 whether it adapts to the working environment and corporate culture;
   2.4 suggestions on various group construction activities and welfare of the company;
   2.5 other reasonable demands and valuable suggestions.


Communication meeting for new employees of Yize mould


In just a few hours, leaders of the company and new employees promote heart to heart communication, record the questions and suggestions put forward by everyone one by one, answer the questions put forward on the spot by the personnel department in person, and make records for those who can't reply and explain on the spot, sort out and reply to the asked personnel. The reply time can't exceed three days, and sincerely help employees solve the actual problems. I hope you will not only strengthen your professional skills, but also attach importance to communication with colleagues in the future work. The new employees also expressed that they felt the encouragement and support from the company and would devote themselves to the future work with gratitude.


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