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Yize mould carries out outdoor mountaineering activities
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In order to enrich the spare time life of the staff, to fully relax the staff after the tense work, to promote the exchange and communication between the staff, to enhance the cohesion, to strengthen the construction of corporate culture, to show the positive spirit of Yize staff, the company organized an outdoor mountaineering activity.


The destination of this mountaineering is Lianhua Mountain in Dongguan. This mountaineering activity is divided into groups. The three groups who are the first to reach the top of the mountain will get rich bonus. On the way to the mountain, we were full of spirit, chasing each other, helping each other and encouraging each other. Finally, we successfully reached the summit in the laughter.


Here are our top three climbers:

First place: Surpassing team



Second place: struggling team



Third place: rookie team



Through this mountaineering activity, the staff showed their strong will of not afraid of hardship, not afraid of fatigue and climbing the peak bravely. I hope that after that, we can devote ourselves to work and life with more enthusiasm and stronger physique.

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