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Set high goals and motivate members through commendation
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At the beginning of the business, Kyocera's factory was rented with less than 100 employees. But since then, I have proposed that "Kyocera should look at the world and advance towards the Kyocera of the whole world". Although the company is small, it has set its eyes on the world, which is to set high goals and set lofty goals.


Only those who set high goals can achieve great success. Those who pursue only low goals can get little results.


Only when we are ambitious, optimistic and optimistic, draw a grand blueprint and set a lofty goal, can we achieve the unimaginable great cause. If you set a lofty goal, as long as you focus on it, you will succeed.


From Inamori Kazuo's business experience, Yize mold will set high goals in each department every month. If there is any achievement, employees will be encouraged by commendation.

Team to achieve level 1 target: design department, CNC, grinding group C



Group achieving Level 2 target: grinding group A, grinding group B, EDM department, quality inspection department



Group achieving Level 3: English group 1



Fully grasp the principle of combining material incentive with spiritual incentive, and strive to use effective incentive methods and art to mobilize the working enthusiasm and enthusiasm of employees, make contributions to the development of the company, let employees realize their self-worth and realize the win-win situation between the company and the employees!

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