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Common materials for plastic mold parts
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     According to the different role of mold parts, the common materials for plastic mold parts have the following:

     1. Template parts, including upper and lower fixing plate, male die and female die, a top plate and a lower ejector plate, stripper plate etc.. If there is no special requirement, select S55C; if there is a request, select P20 or other.

     2. Non moving parts. This kind of parts have no movement when the mold opening and closing. no special requirements. This type of parts, including the positioning ring, sleeve, transport plate, etc., the selection of S55C.

     3. Movable parts. This kind of parts have relative motion and easy to wear when the mold opening and closing, it should choose a hard material. General choice SKD61, hardness HRC52±1°.

     4. Special parts. This type of plastic mold parts have a core insert, cavity insert, angle pin, slider, diagonal brace pin, etc.. The core insert and cavity insert material to have special requirements, usually use NAK80, S136. If the whole die will choose SKD61. Angle pin is generally used FDAC, surface nitriding; the material of the slider is generally P20, if it is the overall type of small slider can choose FDAC. Diagonal brace pin, guide pin, guide sleeve generally choose SUJ2, high frequency heat treatment.

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