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About the development trend of mold industry
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      Today we will talk about the development trend of mold industry, with the development of mold industry in our country, people pay more and more attention and concern, in electronics, automobile, motor, electrical appliances, instruments, electrical appliances and communications products, 60% ~ 80% of the parts have to rely on the molding.
      In the process of information society and economic globalization, the development trend of mold industry is mainly the development of mold products toward larger, more precise, more complex and more economical and fast development. With the improvement of the technology, mold toward information technology, digital, no figure, fine, automation development; mold enterprise development toward technology integration, well-equipped, product brand, management informationization, internationalization direction.



      The mold is an important basis for the equipment manufacturing industry, it is the "unparalleled benefits amplifier". There is no high-level mold, there will be no high level of industrial products, therefore, mold manufacturing technology has become a measure of a country's products manufacturing level is one of the important signs.

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