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About the importance of EDM processing
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With the continuous development of science and technology, market competition requires shorter and shorter manufacturing cycle of mold parts, and the continuous improvement of precision of mold parts of industrial products requires more and more precision of dies. At this time, the importance of EDM processing becomes increasingly obvious.


About the importance of EDM processing


Spark machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used in EDM. It is a special processing method to remove conductive materials by using the electric erosion effect produced by the pulse discharge between the two poles immersed in the working fluid. It is also called EDM or erosion processing. The importance of EDM processing is getting more and more attention.


EDM machining is mainly used to process dies and parts with complex shaped holes or cavities, such as hard and brittle materials such as carbide and quenched steel, deep and fine holes, special holes, deep grooves, narrow slots and thin slices, and tools such as forming cutters and thread rings.


EDM processing in YIZE MOULD


It is understood that in the current mold production, about one third of the processing work is completed by EDM, which shows the importance of EDM processing.

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