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How to distinguish between EDM and WEDM?
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In the current mold processing industry, many people can not distinguish between EDM and WEDM, so how to distinguish them? Let's have a look today.


EDM equipment is only a general term. It can be divided into EDM forming machine tool and WEDM machine tool. EDM machine tool is widely used in die processing. Both of them have the same processing principle. They use current positive and negative contact discharge to produce high temperature to melt metal, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting. EDM can only process metal parts. There is hardly any cutting force in the process of machining, and there is no special requirement for the hardness of the parts.


Wire cutting machine tools are divided into fast and slow wire. As the name implies, it is distinguished according to the speed of wire movement. Quick-walking wire is usually recycled with molybdenum wire as electrode wire. The processing efficiency is relatively high and the accuracy is low.




Slow walking wire uses copper wire as electrode wire, which has low processing efficiency and high accuracy. Generally, it needs to be cut 3-4 times. The processing cost is high. Wire cutting uses wire electrodes to move back and forth, cutting parts like a saw. The disadvantage is that only the top and bottom parts can be processed.


These are some of the features of EDM and WEDM. Now do you know how to distinguish between EDM and WEDM? Follow YIZE MOULD,we will bring you more brilliant industry trends!

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