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About The Development Trend of EDM
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In the mould industry, especially in the plastic mould industry, EDM is a very important process link. The development trend of EDM can be roughly divided into two directions:


1. Precision EDM Processing
Precision of surface quality of EDM is another aspect of precision of EDM. Achieving precision of surface quality of EDM is still the development trend of EDM in the future.


2. High Speed and High Efficiency of EDM Machining
Compared with traditional cutting, EDM processing speed and efficiency are very low. Therefore, high speed and high efficiency is the development direction of EDM technology. It can be achieved from the following aspects:
A) Research on a new type of energy-saving power supply for EDM.

B) Using EDM milling technology

C) Improve the response of servo system of EDM machine tool like Mitsubishi EDM machining.

D) Using advanced technology to improve the processing speed of EDM.


Above is the related content of the development trend of EDM. There are manyexcellent EDM talents in YIZE MOULD. If you have any questions, you can consult us.

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