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Yize mould always insists on taking customers as the center
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Novel coronavirus infection has spread accidentaly across the country since the beginning of 2020. New measures have been taken by Yize mould to protect the life safety of the workers and to prevent and control the epidemic. At the same time, we will do our best to provide services for our customers, and always adhere to customer-centric.

Here is a message from President Wang to the staff:

For a long time, our work has been in a self-centered stage. We think that our postponement, quality, statements and packaging are all very good. We only hope that our customers can understand our mistakes. How can we avoid problems in processing?

Fortunately, in the past year, due to the strict requirements of our customers, we have the opportunity to correct. At the end of last year, through our efforts, we also won the trust and praise of some customers. Otherwise, in such an environment, it would be a depraved abyss, and the enterprise would never survive.

Therefore, from now on to the future, we will unswervingly implement the following three points:


1. Focus on customers, always focus on satisfying customers to do a good job in our processing and service, so that Yize employees can make customer-centric work habit.


2.Based on the striver, performance appraisal focuses on three aspects: contribution, customer satisfaction and recognition of the company's values. The company's value distribution inclines to the striver, so that more and more employees can see the hope and become the striver.


3.Be brave in self-criticism. In the past, our work did not form specific job standards, and the staff assessment system was not perfect, which resulted in a lot of ineffective labor in the company. We should have the courage to recognize our own shortcomings, study hard and improve.



This epidemic crisis may not be over in such a short time. Since we can't change the outbreak, we will accept the reality and face the crisis bravely. Not only can we not give in to it, but we will also challenge it. We will actively do a good job in all kinds of epidemic prevention measures. We will continue to learn every day, and we will be optimistic about life. We firmly believe that our country and the whole country The common efforts of human beings in the world will surely overcome difficulties and usher in a happy life! We, Yize people, will walk on the road of continuous progress with unparalleled majestic and broad steps, and the victory will belong to us!

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