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What is the correct thinking of mold processing?
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Mold has always been called the mother of the industry.But with the rapid change and demand for appearance individuality of product,the mold processing tends to two-level differentiation,and then what is the correct thinking of mold processing? Now I'll analyze it in three ways:


correct thinking


1.The core of mold manufacturing is mold programming
It determines the processing methods and processing accuracy of mold site,which is just like the mold cost is the same as the mold design.


2.Tooling system of mold manufacturing
This is the mold manufacturing framework, but also a carrier of all parts processing. The stability and accuracy of the system determines the quality and efficiency of manufacturing.



3.Mold processing automation
a)We should set up standardization in many ways,which is the basic condition.
b)Integration of the equipment data with CAM data, part three degrees and correction data processing etc.
c)Select your tooling system and data management carrier.
d)Build complex automation--pipelining+unit type


Above, I analyzed the correct thinking of mold processing from three aspects, in fact,no matter what kind of development mode the mold processing would be,the standardization,the automation,and the information are the foundations.

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